Leaving a Legacy Through DNA

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DNA family tree expert, Robb Lucy explains how you can pass along the history of your life through DNA.Will you get swabbed?

Episode 304 – We Are Doomed

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[saf] You thought this was a show about President Trump, didn’t you? Wrong! Today we discuss things that could kill you, otherwise ruin your life, or prove the human race is over. That’s right, it’s pure comedy gold! Dr. Ankit Mahadevia describes the global threat posed by increasing antibiotic resistant “super bugs.” Abby Eisenkraft gives you tax tips that will …

Black Friday, Wine and Blonde Fruit Flies

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[saf] Today’s topics are all over the place on Phil Hulett and Friends. A college student figures out how to alter the gene make-up and traits of an entire species of fruit flies. Next stop, mosquitoes, with great benefits to humankind, but at what cost to the circle of life? Plus RetailMeNot.com’s Trae Bodge gives you tips on Black Friday and Cyber …

Is the 4th Amendment Dead?

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[saf] Last week the U.S. Senate passed the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) and civil libertarians are up in arms. The National Chair of Restore the Fourth joins Phil Hulett and Chris Martin to explain with CISA is not a security act, it’s a surveillance bill and you should be worried about it. Plus author Austin Kleon encourages you to steal like …