Episode 293 Part 1 – Bob Dylan Poet Laureate

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[saf] How in the world did Bob Dylan win the Nobel Prize for Literature? Plus No Bra Day. Social Media for rich kids. Recreational Marijuana on the November ballot. This bite-sized chunk of episode 293 is sponsored by Lunar Pages.     Check out this episode!

Is the 4th Amendment Dead?

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[saf] Last week the U.S. Senate passed the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) and civil libertarians are up in arms. The National Chair of Restore the Fourth joins Phil Hulett and Chris Martin to explain with CISA is not a security act, it’s a surveillance bill and you should be worried about it. Plus author Austin Kleon encourages you to steal like …

Fried Food, Ice Cream and Beer

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[saf] You’ll feel a lot healthier after listening to today’s episode of Phil Hulett and Friends. Skylar Cuarisma and Ted Prichard co-host. Skylar notes science has figured out whether southern cooking is good for you, and she has a thing or two to say about America’s ice cream preferences. (NOTE: skip ahead to 6:20 to hear Skylar describe her love of husky guys). Ted …

Taxes, Love Letters and Spring Break

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[saf] It’s that time of year when you have to do your taxes, you focus on your better half for Valentines Day, and the kids head off to party town for spring break. On today’s show all three topics are delved into with the proper gravity with experts on each matter. Plus: the bionic leaf, the killer Rumba, do not …