A Call for Extra Training for Muscle Car Drivers

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Too much horse power to handle a Muscle Car? [29:35] We love a good Muscle Car at Phil Hulett and Friends. But Phil wonders if it’s time to require additional driver training for folks who buy cars with 600 to 900-plus horsepower under the hood. To get perspective on the Muscle Car arms race and what it takes to drive …

REALLY Last Minute Tax Tips

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Last minute tax return advise! Martha O’Gorman is the lady behind Liberty Tax, the company which employs folks to dance around and wave at drivers while wearing a Statue of Liberty costume. O’Gorman knows taxes and provides valuable tips to you last-minute filers and on-timers to file away for next year.

Episode 312 – Turning on the lights, Tesla Style

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[saf] Wow! I can turn on a light simply by channeling ambient energy? That’s how Nicola Tesla did it, and apparently Tom Paladino can also. Listen to him talk about Scalar Energy on this episode. Plus we have, “The Accountant Beside You,” Lisa London with last minute tax tips for your home business. Manny the Movie Guy reviews “Going in …

Episode 273 – A Walmart on Uranus

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Sorry about that. It’s just one of the many potential headlines from today’s show. NASA expert Rod Pyle pondered whether intelligent life exits on the thousands of planets astronomers have recently discovered. Perhaps we could have pulled a headline from Brooke Peterson‘s story about how eating human feces can cure disease? Estate planning, probate and tax attorney, Sam Long explains why everyone, regardless …