REALLY Last Minute Tax Tips

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Last minute tax return advise! Martha O’Gorman is the lady behind Liberty Tax, the company which employs folks to dance around and wave at drivers while wearing a Statue of Liberty costume. O’Gorman knows taxes and provides valuable tips to you last-minute filers and on-timers to file away for next year.

Episode 286 – Are Men Opting Out of Sex?

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[saf] Are men dropping out of the romance game and opting for video games and online porn? Author and talk show host Linda Gross says yes and she lays the blame on women and something she calls the “rape culture.” Listen to see if you agree. Plus Dr. Janet Lintala looks at a study which suggests circumcision may be a factor in …

Episode 277 – Dads / Emojis / Survive an Active Shooter

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Jam packed show featuring guest-hosts Skylar Cuarisma and Dale Lopes. First up, the author of the book, The Survival Medicine Handbook, prepper Dr. Bones gives you tips on how to prepare for and survive an active shooter situation. Communication Consultant and author of the book, Listen to Succeed, Leslie Shore answers the question, “to Emoji or Not to Emoji.” Thomas Gagliano wrote the book, “Don’t …