The Secret Life of a Private Investigator

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       Private Investigator Joyce Cox [9:58] is a private investigator. She reveals what it’s like to sneak, snoop, and snatch people in the act of wrong-doing. Is it dangerous work? Are there cool gadgets? Listen to the interview and see if being a Private Investigator is the line of work for you. Romance in Hawaii Up next, Travel Dude Gary …

Episode 286 Part 4 – Why Men Choose Video Games and Porn Over Women

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[saf] The Men’s Advocate, Linda Gross explains why men are checking out of the romance game and playing video games and watching porn. Plus, the unexpected result of the high school baby simulation assignment. Babies are ugly, right? And, Donald Trump’s Naked Apprentice. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 286 is sponsored by Aquasana. Check out this episode!

Episode 286 – Are Men Opting Out of Sex?

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[saf] Are men dropping out of the romance game and opting for video games and online porn? Author and talk show host Linda Gross says yes and she lays the blame on women and something she calls the “rape culture.” Listen to see if you agree. Plus Dr. Janet Lintala looks at a study which suggests circumcision may be a factor in …

Episode 280 Part 2 – Best and Worst Ways to Propose | Fido Clean My Teeth

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[saf] Interview with Dr. LeslieBeth Wish on the best and worst ways to propose. My Phil Hulett‘s proposal wasn’t one of the best. It certainly was better than the guy who’s lady was a big time dog lover. Dr. Wish offers he common sense perspective on the right way to propose. We were speaking of dogs a sentence ago, right? …