Hockey and Blade Runner – Ep335 Pt1

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Phil Hulett and the friends talk with a hockey expert about the start of the NHL season. Manny the Movie Guy reviews the new Blade Runner movie.

Episode 280 Part 2 – Best and Worst Ways to Propose | Fido Clean My Teeth

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[saf] Interview with Dr. LeslieBeth Wish on the best and worst ways to propose. My Phil Hulett‘s proposal wasn’t one of the best. It certainly was better than the guy who’s lady was a big time dog lover. Dr. Wish offers he common sense perspective on the right way to propose. We were speaking of dogs a sentence ago, right? …

Your Dentist Sucks

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[saf] Clearly yours does. We say this because of the dentist we spoke to on today’s episode. Dr. Zeines not only checks you for cancer, he has a pretty good sense of humor. Plus you’ll hear from Manny the Movie Guy on just how good Johnny Depp is in his new movie. Chris Martin and Ted Prichard join Phil in the studio. Topics: Facebook’s …

The Naked Joy Ride

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[saf] Don’t worry, we kept our clothes on. In fact most of us keep ours on when we go for a joy ride…but not this couple. You’ll hear about them. Plus, after 44 years doing movie reviews on television, David Sheehan pops in to review movies he thinks are important…and he almost say how much money he’d have to get paid to …