Heavy Metal Master Chef

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Master Chef Paul Moss, aka, His Rockin’ Highness, checks in from Edinburgh, Scotland to talk about his new show which melds gourmet cooking with heavy metal music. The show is called, King of the Kitchen and it debuts on KNAC.COM May 15th, 2018.

The Naked Joy Ride

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[saf] Don’t worry, we kept our clothes on. In fact most of us keep ours on when we go for a joy ride…but not this couple. You’ll hear about them. Plus, after 44 years doing movie reviews on television, David Sheehan pops in to review movies he thinks are important…and he almost say how much money he’d have to get paid to …

Drives, Deserts and Divorce

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[saf] Does it sound counter-intuitive to plan for your divorce before you get married? Tanii Carr explains why it strengthens your love bond. Kelley Blue Book is out with it’s Best Buy awards for the 2015 model year, you hear from Jack Nerad from KBB.com. Gary Warner the travel guy takes us to the desert and we survive! Plus the …