The Naked Joy Ride

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naked joyride mugshot

Naked Joy Ride Mug Shot

Don’t worry, we kept our clothes on. In fact most of us keep ours on when we go for a joy ride…but not this couple. You’ll hear about them. Plus, after 44 years doing movie reviews on television, David Sheehan pops in to review movies he thinks are important…and he almost say how much money he’d have to get paid to see Ted 2. A guy who played all 100 of the top golf courses in America, a Ghost-Hunter talks about haunted plantations, and tech guy Jeremy Anticouni explains how to unsend a sent email. Today’s friends, Gonzo Greg Spillane and Skylar Cuarisma offer: new dictionary words like “Fo’ Shizzle,” words people say that aren’t really words, like “supposebly,” a want ad for “sex toy testers,” Whole Foods sucks, tongue exercises (to cure snoring), the kinky stuff your mailman is into, and a pregnant woman gives birth on the way to the hospital, but doesn’t realize it, and finally caterpillars that have evolved to look like bird poop.