Dog Worship, UFO’s and Hot Dogs

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hot dogs

As American as Apple, uh, as HOT DOGS!

On this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends the founder of the new religion, Dogtology joins us in studio with he “brother” Teddy the poodle. NASA rolls video and abruptly stops recording when three of these fly into view. Just in time for the 4th of July, our guy at the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council explains why hot dogs are so American. A woman gives birth in the forest, is attacked by wasps then sets the trees on fire. 11% of women name their breasts and 5 other interesting facts about boobs. California leads the way now when it comes to parents vaccinating their kids. Instead of numeric sizes, a woman’s clothing company now uses a unique size chart in order to combat “fat shaming.” Bet you can’t guess which is the most American automobile? You’ll be able to buy an actual jet pack next year…at a price. Was the Star of Bethlehem actually two planets aligning? Judge for yourself…they’ll align again this week. Set your clock forward tonight. What? And science has proven men will do anything a hot woman says.


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