Craft Beer for the Holidays

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Craft Beer for the Holidays! John Holl, author of the book, The Craft Beer Cook Book and co-host of the Steal this Beer Podcast, visits.

Episode 295 Part 2 – Emotional Vampires

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[saf] There’s nothing worse than a friend, family member or co-worker who just sucks the life out of a room and out of you! These real life vampires need to be confronted and author, Michelle Nagel knows how to do that. Plus, bachelor party in the woods. What could go wrong? Foods to avoid if you want to slim your …

Episode 281 – Impossible to Properly Name This One

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There is no way to put any of the disparately different topics in the title of this episode, so best we just describe them to you here. Page Olson, author of the forthcoming book – The Success Manifesto, gives an impassioned batch of advice on how to talk to your kids about race, religion and terror following events like the truck attack …

Episode 266 – The Scientific Truth About Size

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[saf] On this April Fools Day, we get a definitive answer on penis size from a PhD in Sexology. We didn’t know they offered that, but Dr. Claudia Six offered her expertise on that topic and how not to get fooled on a date. Ultra-Economical Travel Expert, Russell Hannon answers the question, “Is it safe to travel abroad?” Guest movie reviewer Russell Hainline of …