Episode 310 – Entitled Snooper Madness Monkey God

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[saf] Now there’s a phrase for ya. Author Richard Watts talks about his book “Entitlemania” and offers tips on how NOT to raise an entitled child. Manny the Movie Guy reveals a secret item in his wardrobe closet (and he reviews Chips and Power Rangers.) Cyber security expert, Andrew Hacker confirms your smart TV could be watching you. Bracketologist Kerry …

Episode 295 Part 5 – Are You Raising a Bully?

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[saf] Award-winning author, Kathleen Aharoni explains how it’s usually the parents fault if their child is a bully. Plus, poor bankers are getting a smaller bonus this year. The bike lock that makes would be thieves vomit. This bite-sized chunk of episode 295 s sponsored by the one of a kind exciting fantasy sports app. Be one of the first to …

Episode 285 Part 6 – Your Entitled Child

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[saf] Parenting expert Amy McCready talks about how to go against the pressures of societal change and raise a child who does not feel entitled. Plus Zika virus spreading quickly in the US. And L.A. Rams security bill. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 285 is sponsored by Constant Contact. Check out this episode!

Episode 285 Part 2 – How to Raise a Brilliant Child

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[saf] Author Leeza Steindorf has a handle on the right amount of self-esteem while giving parents tips on how to nurture and cultivate your child’s brilliance before their environment turns there little heads into mush! Plus the benefits of sleeping naked, CNN Drones, and don’t sing the Hokey Pokey until you hear this important warning. Check out this episode!