Episode 332 Part 1 – Freeze My Credit

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[saf] Freeze my credit! Nearly half of Americans may have had their credit information stolen in the massive Equifax data breach. Patrica A. Davis is a financial expert and author of the books, , . She offers some harsh realities about your credit and what could happen to you if you don’t take a simple step to protect yourself against …

Episode 287 Part 5 – Zika Pandemic

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[saf] Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz calls it a pandemic. Zika virus is popping up everywhere in the USA and spreading at alarming rates. Can anything be done or do we just wait and hope for the best? Plus celebs who used to have substance abuse problems. And parents who regret what they named their kids. This bite-sized chunk of episode …

Episode 287 – There’s No Stopping Zika and Other Delightful Topics

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[saf] After speaking with Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz about the status of Zika Virus in the United States, he asked, “Can we talk about something happy next time?” Listen to this conversation and see if you don’t conclude we are doomed. On a lighter note, stay until the end of this full-length episode to hear Jonathan Tammara from San Bernardo …

Episode 285 Part 6 – Your Entitled Child

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[saf] Parenting expert Amy McCready talks about how to go against the pressures of societal change and raise a child who does not feel entitled. Plus Zika virus spreading quickly in the US. And L.A. Rams security bill. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 285 is sponsored by Constant Contact. Check out this episode!