Protecting Your Child’s Identity and Go Knights Go

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Identity theft expert Heather Wagenhals explains how parents can protect their children from being victimized. Plus Golden Knights Beat Writer, Steve Carp analyses Stanley Cup Final match-up with the Washington Capitals.

Episode 332 Part 1 – Freeze My Credit

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[saf] Freeze my credit! Nearly half of Americans may have had their credit information stolen in the massive Equifax data breach. Patrica A. Davis is a financial expert and author of the books, , . She offers some harsh realities about your credit and what could happen to you if you don’t take a simple step to protect yourself against …

Mila, Measles and Robot Room Service

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[saf] I think we all suspected Mila Kunis was the Queen of the Universe. Manny the Movie Guy confirmed it in his review of her new movie Jupiter Ascending. Put it this way, Manny’s pick of the weekend of the Sponge Bob movie. Dr. Kurtz gives us good advice on the measles and the questions you should be asking your …