Flu Shot Fail

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Should you get or flu shot or not? Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz offers some surprising advice. Gonzo Greg Spillane and Dave Beasing (100.3 The Sound) co-host.

Mila, Measles and Robot Room Service

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[saf] I think we all suspected Mila Kunis was the Queen of the Universe. Manny the Movie Guy confirmed it in his review of her new movie Jupiter Ascending. Put it this way, Manny’s pick of the weekend of the Sponge Bob movie. Dr. Kurtz gives us good advice on the measles and the questions you should be asking your …

Toys, Robots and Automobiles

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[saf] Today we talk about America’s love affair with automobiles…is it over? Brian LaForest thinks not. Hear what he has to say, plus Page Olson says your child will do a lot better with PVC pipe than if you got him or her the trendy toy for the holidays. She makes a pretty good argument. Our tech guy, Jeremy Anticouni …