Flu Shot Fail

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Should you get or flu shot or not? Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz offers some surprising advice. Gonzo Greg Spillane and Dave Beasing (100.3 The Sound) co-host.

Episode 291 Part 1 – Phil Hates Government and Flu Shots

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[saf] The show opens with Gonzo Greg Spillane’s account of two important news items: Who are the worst Americans? And why should you bother getting a flu shot? Kelly Bennett informs California drivers and issues a warning to the rest of the country, that you might as well not even bring your phone into your car after Governor Gerry Brown …

Oscar, Eats and Tubes

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[saf] The title of this episode makes absolutely no sense, right? Let us explain. Today the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences reveals its Oscar nominees and our Manny the Movie Guy is not happy. In fact he says his heart is hurting. For “Eats” we speak with award-winning cook book author, Mimi Sheraton about the 1,000 Foods you …