Episode 285 Part 6 – Your Entitled Child

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[saf] Parenting expert Amy McCready talks about how to go against the pressures of societal change and raise a child who does not feel entitled. Plus Zika virus spreading quickly in the US. And L.A. Rams security bill. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 285 is sponsored by Constant Contact. Check out this episode!

Phil’s Birthday Show

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[saf] To celebrate the occasion of Phil Hulett’s birthday, another edition of Phil Hulett and Friends is in the books. Featured today include: Tom Scarda who shows you how to switch careers and tap into uncertainty. Family Transformation Coach, Kindi Gill explains why affirmations fail. The Sports Princess, Kate Delaney reassured Angelenos that the Rams are indeed coming to Los Angeles next season. But where will …

Rams, Raiders, Chargers, Oh My!

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[saf] It’s our first show of 2016 and we spared no expense to bring you information you can use in your daily life, like how to run away from, hide from and confront a terrorist in a shopping mall. Or how about this? An electronic device that tracks your mileage and movement in your vehicle so the boss knows what you’re …

Relationship Deal Breakers and Franchises

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[saf] Among today’s topics on Phil Hulett and Friends, is buying a franchise a good idea? An expert looks at the pros and cons and just how inexpensive it is to get a franchise going. Relationship Expert, Dr. Lesliebeth Wish talks about the top deal-breakers in a relationship, how to over come them, and if it’s even worth it. Manny the Movie Guy has to dig real …