Episode 288 Part 4 – Increase Your Cash Flow, Aged Out in Silicon Valley

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[saf] The Smart Money Guy, Matt Sapaula offers tips on increasing your cash flow. Brooke Peterson exposes age discrimination in Silicon Valley and offers ideas on how to make yourself appear younger in the tech industry. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 288 is sponsored by Aquasana. Check out this episode!

Relationship Deal Breakers and Franchises

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[saf] Among today’s topics on Phil Hulett and Friends, is buying a franchise a good idea? An expert looks at the pros and cons and just how inexpensive it is to get a franchise going. Relationship Expert, Dr. Lesliebeth Wish talks about the top deal-breakers in a relationship, how to over come them, and if it’s even worth it. Manny the Movie Guy has to dig real …