Top 10 Football Movies of All Time

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Manny the Movie Guy offers up a pre-Super Bowl top 10 list of his all time favorite football movies. He also reviews this weekend’s new movie, “Winchester.”

Episode 297 Part 1 – Front Yard Farm

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[saf] Dale Lopes explains how a group in Florida is turning homeowners’ front yards into mini-farms, for free. NFL TV ratings are down. Dale and Phil Hulett have theories as to why. Plus the exact moment when Phil knew who wont he presidential election. Election burritos. If you want to move away, there are countries where you can buy citizenship. …

Episode 279 Part 6 – Manny Laments Lack of Loin Cloth / Lucky Luck

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[saf] Manny the Movie Guy has a bone to pick with the new Tarzan movie and it has to do with wardrobe choices. We’ll leave this to your imagination until you hear Manny’s review of “The Legend of Tarzan.” He also reviews The BFG and the Purge sequel. Guess which of the three movies he liked best? Plus office birthdays are …

Episode 279 Part 4 – Nathans Famous / Scarlett Johansson / Johnny Manziel

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[saf] We start off this segment with this topic: Scarlett Johansson’s gross. Emily Harlan explains what that means and she digs into Chipotle’s latest attempt to bring you back to take a chance on their burritos. Dale Lopes has a Johnny Manziel update. And this is fun, Bill Handwerker is the grandson of the founder of Nathan’s Famous. That’s right, we’re talkin’ hot dogs! …