Obliterated – The Montecito Mudslides

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Santa Barbara TV Reporter, John Palminteri reports on the aftermath of the Montecito, CA mudslides. Will people rebuild? Is it even possible to rebuild?

Rams, Raiders, Chargers, Oh My!

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[saf] It’s our first show of 2016 and we spared no expense to bring you information you can use in your daily life, like how to run away from, hide from and confront a terrorist in a shopping mall. Or how about this? An electronic device that tracks your mileage and movement in your vehicle so the boss knows what you’re …

Aliens, El Nino and Santa Airlines

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[saf] Ron Felber makes a return visit to follow up on the story of a couple who tell a very believable story about alien abduction. Not only does Ron recount the couple’s harrowing experience with other-worldly beings, he also has scientific data to explain how those beings might be getting here from far away galaxies. Plus a meteorologist answers those who …

Dog Days of Summer

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[saf] If you want to know how bad things are going, ask your dog. The Radio Pet Lady explains why dogs get depressed this time of year. Plus how do you plan a vacation around the hyped Godzilla El Niño? Ask our travel guy. Ted “Thrash-Pie” Prichard joins Phil Hulett in studio. Stories: Kanye West for President? Proof Ashley Madison is a …