Dog Days of Summer

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Back to school depression in dogs

Why did you leave me?

If you want to know how bad things are going, ask your dog. The Radio Pet Lady explains why dogs get depressed this time of year. Plus how do you plan a vacation around the hyped Godzilla El Niño? Ask our travel guy. Ted “Thrash-Pie” Prichard joins Phil Hulett in studio. Stories: Kanye West for President? Proof Ashley Madison is a scam. The Divorce Selfie. Sponge Bob The Musical – strange musician list. Will Bear Grylls drink presidential pee? How much action did each of the Golden Girls get during 7 seasons? Christina Aguilera singing lessons. The 10 worst places to live in America. A Target Store with a full bar. What do women find less attractive: Nose hair or bad breath? You pronounce “Mt. Everest” wrong. And finally, in case we have to remind you…firefighters are the best!


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