We Are Doomed

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we are doomed

We are Doomed

That is the conclusion reached for today’s show after reviewing the latest SAT Scores, the state of college campus safety, caffeine addiction, death by selfie, FakeABaby.com, and finding out hackers can not only look in on your sleeping child but can gain access to your home network through your baby monitor! That’s right, we are DOOMED! Lucky for you, the lovely Ms. California USA 2014, Sande Charles co-hosts this episode. She goes to bat for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and her “micro maternity leave.” You should hear what she had to say. Plus Manny the Movie Guy says see one movie and avoid the other this weekend. The Technology Tutor, Chet Davis answers the question, is technology bad for our health? Kathleen Baty, “The Safety Chick” offers survival tips for college students. Plus: Rosie O’Donnell and Tatum O’Neal are dating? Gary Busey might save this season of Dancing with the Stars. Please vote for him. New hashtag: #NoMcDOct6. Phil freaked when he found out McDonald’s real plan for all-day breakfast and called for a social media boycott storm! Who is better at washing hands after using the restroom, men or women? Brady wins Deflate Gate in court…or does he? And finally, humanity is redeemed by a football player who donates his bone marrow so a complete stranger may live.


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