What Could Go Wrong?

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Could a Reanimated Virulent Strain be Coming!

Reanimated Virus Could be Coming for You!

Scientists have decided to reanimate a prehistoric virus. What could go wrong? On today’s show, Phil Hulett is joined in the studio by Brooke PetersonGonzo Greg Spillane and Ted “Thrashpie” Prichard. We ask again, what could go wrong? Brooke offers the following stories: Safari Dentist goes back to work, Colbert debuts tonight, Astronauts on the ISS remotely control a robot on earth, Pylon Cams for the NFL, Kim Davis, and Why Cynics make less money. Greg issued the latest speculation on Apple’s scheduled new technology announcement, Marijuana gets a Mascot, and the Fat Shaming YouTube gal. Ted wondered who should get the transgender acting roles in Hollywood, was curious about the government’s big land grab near Area 51, reported on high school football players attacking a referee during a game, and had sad news about the “Sock It To Me” girl. Phil asked if any from a list of cartoon characters turned you on as an adolescent, revealed the average cost for a fast food meal at various chains, the naughty cracker, the ten things you shouldn’t buy at Walmart, and issued the question, what are people up to? Reference “Fish Porn.” Interviews: The LivAll interactive, connected bike helmet. How to talk to your kids about money even if you are clueless.


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