Episode 288 Part 3 – Sully Review, Vegan Boys for Brooke

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[saf] Manny the Movie Guy reviews Sully and the other weekend releases. Plus the mysterious wedding gift, MTV is trying something novel, Brooke Peterson’s vegan boyfriends. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 288 is sponsored by Constant Contact. Check out this episode!

Valentine’s Mayhem

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[saf] Don’t Worry, We’ll Fix Things For YouThis episode of Phil Hulett and Friends was, in the planning stages, was steeped in well intentions. In execution, it was fraught with danger. Listen and you will learn how to get over your Ex with Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby. Our Valentine’s stats will amaze, inform and outrage. We reveal what America believes the perfect …

What Could Go Wrong?

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[saf][X_audio_embed][/x_audio_embed] Scientists have decided to reanimate a prehistoric virus. What could go wrong? On today’s show, Phil Hulett is joined in the studio by Brooke Peterson, Gonzo Greg Spillane and Ted “Thrashpie” Prichard. We ask again, what could go wrong? Brooke offers the following stories: Safari Dentist goes back to work, Colbert debuts tonight, Astronauts on the ISS remotely control a robot on …

Stanley Cup Final, Breast Feed Shaming and the French

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[saf] A lady not-so-discreetly breastfeeds her baby at a TGI Fridays. Customer is abhorred, so he takes a picture and without permission posts to Facebook. Breast-feeding shaming. Discuss among yourselves, or listen to Phil Hulett, Brooke Peterson and Chris Martin hash out the issues posed. Plus, former Chicago Blackhawks D-Man, now hockey analyst for 120 Sports, offers a preview of the …