Stanley Cup Final, Breast Feed Shaming and the French

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Chicago vs Tampa Bay

A lady not-so-discreetly breastfeeds her baby at a TGI Fridays. Customer is abhorred, so he takes a picture and without permission posts to Facebook. Breast-feeding shaming. Discuss among yourselves, or listen to Phil Hulett, Brooke Peterson and Chris Martin hash out the issues posed. Plus, former Chicago Blackhawks D-Man, now hockey analyst for 120 Sports, offers a preview of the 2015 Stanley Cup Final pitting Chicago against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Dr. Paul Coleman teaches you how to find peace of mind by learning how to stop over thinking everything. The “Boomer Gal,” Kalynn Amadio talks about which Presidential candidates have their social media acts together. You might be surprised who she gives a letter “F” grade to. Our travel guy, Gary Warner says D-Day is a great reason to visit France. He gives pointers on the best places to visit, and how to deal with those snobby French people, who if you let them, will ruin your vacation. Scientists discover an animal that keeps having sex until it dies. The FIFA President resigns amid controversy. Walking fish are taking over villages. Pay for Netflix AND get commercials? How about an Apple music service? Would you pay for that? NASA’s big flying saucer head fake. Walt Disney’s final words were what? And when you need motivation, look no further than Shia LeBeouf.


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