Goodbye Net Neutrality

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This month the FCC will likely repeal Net Neutrality. Tech expert, Shelly Palmer reveals the corporate winner and losers and what the changes mean for you.

Phil’s Birthday Show

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[saf] To celebrate the occasion of Phil Hulett’s birthday, another edition of Phil Hulett and Friends is in the books. Featured today include: Tom Scarda who shows you how to switch careers and tap into uncertainty. Family Transformation Coach, Kindi Gill explains why affirmations fail. The Sports Princess, Kate Delaney reassured Angelenos that the Rams are indeed coming to Los Angeles next season. But where will …

Stanley Cup Final, Breast Feed Shaming and the French

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[saf] A lady not-so-discreetly breastfeeds her baby at a TGI Fridays. Customer is abhorred, so he takes a picture and without permission posts to Facebook. Breast-feeding shaming. Discuss among yourselves, or listen to Phil Hulett, Brooke Peterson and Chris Martin hash out the issues posed. Plus, former Chicago Blackhawks D-Man, now hockey analyst for 120 Sports, offers a preview of the …

We Were NOT MockingJay

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[saf] Do you even know what a mockingjay is? It’s from that new movie, The Incredible Adventures of Mockingjay, Pt 1 we think. Manny the Movie Guy sets us straight on that. Plus Kelly and Sierra from MTV’s “Slednecks” join us live to talk about how they pass the time away in Wasilla, Alaska. Our tech guy warns that evil …