What the $275 Billion ATT Time Warner Merger Means for You

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New Age Ma Bell Merger [20:45] The AT&T Time Warner merger just past a big legal hurdle and will more than likely become reality soon. What will it mean for you? Fewer choices and higher prices? Certainly Merger and Acquisition expert, Brad Whitlock knows a thing or two about this merger. So he explains mark why maybe this time the Fed …

Goodbye Net Neutrality

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This month the FCC will likely repeal Net Neutrality. Tech expert, Shelly Palmer reveals the corporate winner and losers and what the changes mean for you.

Episode 316 – Cinco de Sharko

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[saf] It’s Cinco de Mayo and the Friends went on a quest to find out why we celebrate (drink) on this day each year in America. Plus, these guests: Mark Grabowski on what is left of your Internet privacy. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and reveals why today is also Cinco de Manny! Yehuda …

Episode 290 Part 5 – Who Controls the Internet Now? ICANN Transfer Explained

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[saf] The United States invented, built and essentially owns the Internet. But a big part of that is changing October 1, 2016. The Small Business Advocate, Jim Blasingame, explains the ICANN transfer and whether Vladimir Putin and the Chinese will control the Internet. Plus reaction to the Brandjolina split. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 290 is sponsored by Heat and …