Goodbye Net Neutrality

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Goodbye Net Neutrality

Episode 341 Part 2 – Net Neutrality

Does Tech dude Shelly Palmer put your Net Neutrality anxieties to rest once and for all? Hear his take on the inevitable Internet changes and what they mean for you. Plus 5G is coming, and technology for drunks!

Speaking of drinking, Susie Selby of Selby Winery explains how to pick and pair wines for the holidays. Incidentally, Selby was on the show October 21 to talk right after the tragic and horrific fire storms of Napa and Sonoma counties in Northern California. Listen to that episode here.

Phil Hulett, Gonzo Greg Spillane and Kellie Sue Peters have these stories to share: Dogs are smarter than cats. Last moment freeway merge. Eye-eating parasite in thrill ride water. What your sleeping position says about your relationship. Petty things your Ex did to get back at you. The guy who eats stuff that primarily isn’t food. Finally, why Phil loves Canadians.
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