Goodbye Net Neutrality

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This month the FCC will likely repeal Net Neutrality. Tech expert, Shelly Palmer reveals the corporate winner and losers and what the changes mean for you.

Episode 318 Part 2 – Social Media and Your Mental Health

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[saf] Subscribe to the podcast Dr. Frieda Birnbaum joins us to discuss the damage social media does to your mental health, and how to reverse the damage now. Inventor, Carlos Mastrangelo describes his smart glasses which can seamlessly adjust focus to distance. And Laura J. Moss is the author of the book, Adventure Cats,  explains how to go hiking with …

Episode 294 Part 1 – Creepy Clown Halloween

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[saf] Will you even open the door to hand out candy this Halloween? We have yet another creepy clown update. Wait a minute. Which city is the best U.S. city for trick or treaters? Huge websites get hit by denial of service attacks. Who’s behind it? Chain-smoking  monkey. And finally, the headset for dogs that translates canine thoughts into audio…in English! …

Episode 275 Part 1 – Bionic Hand / What Killed Prince / Teacher Sex Double Standard

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2014 Ms. California, Sande Charles and Sports Talk host Dale Lopes join Phil Hulett in the studio for this episode in which Sande introduces us to the latest technology in bionics. Now, if your health insurance covers it, losing a hand is no problem! Plus the lab results are back and it’s official…Prince died of an overdose of a pain killer that is ten …