Episode 286 Part 5 – Natural Pain Killers

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[saf] “The Survival Doctor” host of the Survival Medicine Hour podcast, Dr. Joe Alton goes through a list of natural pain killers you can find in your kitchen and your garden. Plus is your state on the top ten list of states with the worst drivers? This bite-sized chunk of episode 286 is sponsored by Lunar Pages. Check out this episode!

Episode 275 Part 1 – Bionic Hand / What Killed Prince / Teacher Sex Double Standard

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2014 Ms. California, Sande Charles and Sports Talk host Dale Lopes join Phil Hulett in the studio for this episode in which Sande introduces us to the latest technology in bionics. Now, if your health insurance covers it, losing a hand is no problem! Plus the lab results are back and it’s official…Prince died of an overdose of a pain killer that is ten …