Goodbye Net Neutrality

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This month the FCC will likely repeal Net Neutrality. Tech expert, Shelly Palmer reveals the corporate winner and losers and what the changes mean for you.

Episode 272 Part 6 – iTunes Sans Downloads / Shrimp Daddy / Can You Hear Me Now

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Part six of the Friday the 13th Show features a spirited conversation between Gonzo Greg and Phil Hulett over Apple Music, iTunes and changes over at Apple regarding music downloads. this could affect your music library, so pay attention. Plus the no tipping at the restaurant experiment has yielded a result. Guess who’s original rap name was “Shrimp Daddy” and the old guy who had it …

Stress, Money and Sex

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[saf] We’ve pretty much covered the spectrum of subject matter on this show, right? Learn how to turn stress into a good thing with Kelly McGonigal, PhD. Retire rich after following the tips from Thembi Buthelezi, and scientists reach a conclusion on the benefits of more versus less sex. Plus how to know if you are exercising enough or too much. George …

Exorcism, Ebola, Verizon and other Scary Stuff

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[saf] The day before Halloween we packed the show with frightening topics, like a former televangelist who now calls himself “The Real Exorcist.” He describes exorcism in details, and Jay goes after him like a demon possessed. Plus a woman brings us stories of miracles from beyond, a Doctor gives us reason to believe we’ll be able to survive the …