Interview with Bruce Brown of The Endless Summer

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Phil Hulett interviews surfing documentary maker, Bruce Brown about his iconic movie, The Endless Summer, and his memorabilia-filled companion box set.

Stress, Money and Sex

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[saf] We’ve pretty much covered the spectrum of subject matter on this show, right? Learn how to turn stress into a good thing with Kelly McGonigal, PhD. Retire rich after following the tips from Thembi Buthelezi, and scientists reach a conclusion on the benefits of more versus less sex. Plus how to know if you are exercising enough or too much. George …

Fracking, PMS and Sex with Your Dead Husband

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[saf] The subject matter on this episode is all over the board. A Geophysicist looks at fracking and earthquakes, our travel guy talks trash about airports, a real estate expert gives tips on buying and selling in the spring time, and ladies are doing shocking stuff with their dead husbands. Is it true men have PMS? Is Bruce Jenner planning …

Amateur CSI, Tsunami Survival and Go Halos!

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[saf] One the day after the Angels clinched a postseason spot we discuss their chances with a baseball analyst. Plus the author of the book, The Skeleton Crew talks about joining with hundreds of online CSI freaks who attempt to solve cold cases. Our travel dude, Gary Warner takes us to his favorite places to watch the leaves turn in the fall. …