Episode 297 Part 6 – Beauty Bites Beast

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[saf] Ellen Snortland talks about her documentary which looks into the females of every species of animal and how to are just as ferocious as their male counterparts…but not female humans. What is the message society sends to women that mutes her instinct to kick ass? Plus, what is dirtier, your computer keyboard or your toilet? And Black Friday deals …

Episode 284 Part 3 – Movie Reviews: Sausage Party, Petes Dragon, Florence Foster Jenkins

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Manny the Movie Guy reviews Sausage Party, Pete’s Dragon and the new Meryl Streep movie, Florence Foster Jenkins. Guess which one he likes best? Plus Paul McCartney finally admits what we all knew about Yoko. And the exact moment a mother’s love becomes creepy¬†and illegal. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 284 is sponsored by Constant Contact. Check out this episode!

Episode 284 Part 2 – How NOT to Raise a Mass Murderer

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Are we raising mass murderers? Parenting author Emily Slingluff answers that question, and it may come down to whether you picked up your baby when it cried. Plus, can you name the 7 countries in the world where the drinking age is 21? We can name one. This bite-sized chunk of episode 284 is sponsored by the Eco-Friendly Filter Water …

Fracking, PMS and Sex with Your Dead Husband

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[saf] The subject matter on this episode is all over the board. A Geophysicist looks at fracking and earthquakes, our travel guy talks trash about airports, a real estate expert gives tips on buying and selling in the spring time, and ladies are doing shocking stuff with their dead husbands. Is it true men have PMS? Is Bruce Jenner planning …