A Call for Extra Training for Muscle Car Drivers

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Too much horse power to handle a Muscle Car? [29:35] We love a good Muscle Car at Phil Hulett and Friends. But Phil wonders if it’s time to require additional driver training for folks who buy cars with 600 to 900-plus horsepower under the hood. To get perspective on the Muscle Car arms race and what it takes to drive …

Episode 284 Part 3 – Movie Reviews: Sausage Party, Petes Dragon, Florence Foster Jenkins

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Manny the Movie Guy reviews Sausage Party, Pete’s Dragon and the new Meryl Streep movie, Florence Foster Jenkins. Guess which one he likes best? Plus Paul McCartney finally admits what we all knew about Yoko. And the exact moment a mother’s love becomes creepy¬†and illegal. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 284 is sponsored by Constant Contact. Check out this episode!