Friday the 13th – Episode 336 Part 1

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Friday the 13th trivia. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Professor Marston. Cats get equal time. Nose hair extensions. Girls in the Boy Scouts.

Episode 304 – We Are Doomed

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[saf] You thought this was a show about President Trump, didn’t you? Wrong! Today we discuss things that could kill you, otherwise ruin your life, or prove the human race is over. That’s right, it’s pure comedy gold! Dr. Ankit Mahadevia describes the global threat posed by increasing antibiotic resistant “super bugs.” Abby Eisenkraft gives you tax tips that will …

Episode 302 Part 3 – Manny the Movie Guy Predicts the Globes

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[saf] How did Manny the Movie Guy do in predicting the 2017 Golden Globe winners? Give a listen to this bite-sized chunk of episode 302. Sponsored by the Dromma Bed. Check out this episode!

Episode 286 Part 6 – How to Get Rich Online

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[saf] Lee Romanov shows us how to make money online. She says your opinion can make you rich. Plus one great reason not to skinny dip, day-care worker with a twisted sense of humor, Cards Against Humanity, life-size bronze likeness of Lemmy, and finally a cure for a coma. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 286 is sponsored by Constant Contact. …