Real Estate Collapse – Sell Your House Now

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Real Estate Collapse Investment Adviser and Global Economics Blogger, Mish Shedlock predicts a real estate collapse is right around the corner [21:29]. He makes a compelling case for you to sell your property now, that is, if you can find a buyer. Listen to Mish describe a series of warning signs that should have you, and your mortgage servicer, very …

Episode 285 Part 4 – Recent Human Evolution, and Buh-Bye Jumbo Jets

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[saf] Brooke Peterson reviews the strange and recent examples of human evolution. Plus, does Brooke scrape dangerously close to offending an entire race of people? You decide. Travel Guy Gary Warner projects the end of the jumbo jet. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 285 is sponsored by Aquasana. Check out this episode!

Episode 284 Part 2 – How NOT to Raise a Mass Murderer

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Are we raising mass murderers? Parenting author Emily Slingluff answers that question, and it may come down to whether you picked up your baby when it cried. Plus, can you name the 7 countries in the world where the drinking age is 21? We can name one. This bite-sized chunk of episode 284 is sponsored by the Eco-Friendly Filter Water …

We Are Doomed

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[saf] That is the conclusion reached for today’s show after reviewing the latest SAT Scores, the state of college campus safety, caffeine addiction, death by selfie,, and finding out hackers can not only look in on your sleeping child but can gain access to your home network through your baby monitor! That’s right, we are DOOMED! Lucky for you, …