Episode 285 Part 4 – Recent Human Evolution, and Buh-Bye Jumbo Jets

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[saf] Brooke Peterson reviews the strange and recent examples of human evolution. Plus, does Brooke scrape dangerously close to offending an entire race of people? You decide. Travel Guy Gary Warner projects the end of the jumbo jet. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 285 is sponsored by Aquasana. Check out this episode!

Episode 285 – You Get a Participation Trophy

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[saf] Thanks for showing up today. For that you get a trophy! Phil Hulett, Brooke Peterson and Dale Lopes dive into a sort of parenting poll of interviews today. Author and parenting expert, Amy McCready discusses how to raise a child who doesn’t feel entitled. Author Leeza Steindorf has a handle on the right amount of self-esteem while giving parents tips on how to …

Episode 284 Part 1 – WASP Booty Call

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We open the show with the strange phenomenon that happens right after somebody is killed on a ride at an amusement park. Follow that with the white supremacist version of Tinder. There is yet another reason to be scared of sharks, and this could be the scariest reason of all. Phil Hulett ruins Willy Wonka for ever. Is Blake Lively racist …

Episode 278 Part 5 – Smokin Meat / Super Racist Guy / Dinner

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[saf] It’s time to smoke some meat with the host of Project Smoke and the author of the book of the same name, teaches Phil Hulett, Gonzo Greg and Kelly J how to smoke meat, vegetables, and other surprising items to perfection. Not THAT kind of smoke, silly! In other news, yes there still are guys who are apologetically, completely, over the top racist. You won’t believe this …