Episode 325 Part 1 – Sell on the News

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Episode 294 Part 1 – Creepy Clown Halloween

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[saf] Will you even open the door to hand out candy this Halloween? We have yet another creepy clown update. Wait a minute. Which city is the best U.S. city for trick or treaters? Huge websites get hit by denial of service attacks. Who’s behind it? Chain-smoking  monkey. And finally, the headset for dogs that translates canine thoughts into audio…in English! …

Episode 283 Part 4 – That Can’t Be Legal | Methane Bubbles | The Case for Travel to Brazil

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[saf] Gonzo Greg reports on a new coffee shop in England that offers a special kind of service that honestly cannot be legal, uh, can it? Millennial sex drive, or lack of. Kelly J has found one of the new wonders of the world: Fart lake! And Travel Guy Gary Warner makes the case FOR travelling to Brazil even though …

Episode 283 – Silence is Golden

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An arresting bunch of stories and interviews on this episode, including an interview with Attorney Peter Baskin who wrote the book, A Toast To Silence: Avoid Becoming Another Victim of Deceptive Police Tactics By Knowing When and How to Use the Power of Silence. Co-hosts Gonzo Greg Spillane and Kelly J offer their takes on the latest news like a list of all …