Episode 330 Part 1 – National Dog Day

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No, not hot dog, DOG. Download this Episode! (Listen below) You know, Fido, Rover, Pooch! Author of the book, , Carlyn Montes De Oro joins the friends to talk about all dogs do to enhance human life. Carlyn also offers ideas on what to feed a dog from a vegan perspective. While Phil makes an effort, sausage is not on the menu. And what …

Episode 325 Part 1 – Sell on the News

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Episode 278 Part 3 – Evil App / Cool Summer Vacations / Walking on Coals

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[saf] If you like spoilers, then you love our show…but there’s an evil app out there that will ruin the life of your fellow Game of Thrones fans. Plus, travel guy, Gary Warner visits with some travel destinations that will help you beat the summer heat. And what really happens when you go to one of those motivational meetings and …