Episode 325 Part 1 – Sell on the News

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Episode 289 Part 5 – A Heroin Addict Teaches You How to Break Your Bad Habits

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[saf] Former heroin addict, Scott Spackey offers tips on killing your bad habits. His book is called Project Addiction: The Complete Guide to Using, Abusing and Recovering from Drugs and Behaviors. Plus the things women do and say to give you hints to propose. And the most epic selfie photo bomb. This bite-sized chunk of Episode 289 is sponsored by Heat …

Getting Fired…Up…about Retiring Comfortably

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[saf] There’s always the Powerball which as of today offers a jackpot of $750 million, but Financial Advisor extraordinaire, Rodger Friedman explains how to start planning your retirement, even if you are getting close to retirement age. Manny the Movie Guy offers his top 10 2015 movies, his picks to win the Golden Globes, and practices his enunciation of the word “peanuts.” Dr. Frieda returns with …

Toxic Jerky Treats

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[saf] “I hope those jerky treats are made in America.” So do we, but Phil isn’t so sure. That was a quote from “Petrendologist,” Charlotte Reed. Plus Manny the Movie Guy reveals he has a new man crush. He reviews the weekend’s big movie releases as well. Tech Dude, Jeremy Anticouni reviews the iPhone 6S. Skylar Cuarisma and Chris Martin co-host. Phil touches Skylar’s romance …