Episode 283 – Silence is Golden

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Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

An arresting bunch of stories and interviews on this episode, including an interview with Attorney Peter Baskin who wrote the book, A Toast To Silence: Avoid Becoming Another Victim of Deceptive Police Tactics By Knowing When and How to Use the Power of Silence. Co-hosts Gonzo Greg Spillane and Kelly J offer their takes on the latest news like a list of all the other diseases beside Zika that you can contract in Rio De janeiro and all of them count diarhea among their symptoms. Plus the worst Olympic opening ceremonies ever, click bait on Facebook, social media police state, women with big breasts are hurting horses, and the Felatio Cafe. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Suicide Squad and Nine Lives. Travel Guy Gary Warner makes the case for travelling to Brazil and punctuates his glowing travelogue by describing the time he was attacked by a howler monkey. Travel Journalist, Nick Foster describesthe true story in his book, The Jolly Roger Social Club that will make you think twice before you relocate abroad. The charming and delightful Anneros Valensi talks about the nostalgic days when she was a TWA stewardess on the biggest airliner of the time, the Boeing 707. Plus these stories: The Big Lebowski has died, a weekly Star Wars TV Show, Coffee and Lemonade, What the Dentist dropped down his patient’s throat, your sexting photos are not safe, and diversity may finally be headed to The Bachellor and The Bachellorette.


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