Sexual Harassment Explained

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Sexual Harassment

Episode 341 Part 1 –¬†Sexual Harassment

In light of NBC News firing Matt Lauer over sexual harassment allegations, Dr. Peggy Drexler visits to explain exactly what constitutes sexual harassment. Dr. Drexler also answers the question, “Are men clueless on this topic?”

Manny the Movie Guy checks in with his surprising review of “The Shape of Water.” Plus he hints at at least one actor getting an Oscar nod.

Co-hosts Gonzo Greg Spillane and Kellie Sue Peters join Phil Hulett to offer up these stories: Fake gender study research. “Sky Penis” Christmas ornament. Jay Z cheats on Beyonce and apparently it’s OK with Queen B. Is there proof of life after death? Convicted war criminal shows conviction in court by drinking this at his sentencing. And finally, whatever you do, don’t plug a space heater into a power strip. But, it’s totally fine to make your very own “Red Neck extension cord.”
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