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That’s right, we said, pancakes. Steve Hamilton from Chris Cakes joins us en route to one of his “pancake events.” Incidentally, you should never mind what we talked about, just know the subject matter was pancakes-related. Say no more, right?

Thanksgiving Travel

Next, Travel Dude Gary Warner popped in to give some tips on places to visit other than Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Plus these stories courtesy of Phil Hulett, Gonzo Greg Spillane and Katie Elsaesser: Political climate cuts short your Thanksgiving dinner. The Underwater Restaurant. Then there are the things you do that annoy the restaurant server. Also, why dogs eat poop. Kids are bad for the Earth. The $10 flea market photo actual value. Avocado Rat. Dino Fish. Legal person-hood for Elephants? Drunk guy is denied his chicken nuggets, does this. Model sells virginity for $3 million. Can we stop having Namey McnameyFace contests? Sunday is the end of the world…again. And finally, guy starts a petition to change new high school mascot because it sounds too much like mail genitalia.

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