We Were NOT MockingJay

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Do you even know what a mockingjay is? It’s from that new movie, The Incredible Adventures of Mockingjay, Pt 1 we think. Manny the Movie Guy sets us straight on that. Plus Kelly and Sierra from MTV’s “Slednecks” join us live to talk about how they pass the time away in Wasilla, Alaska. Our tech guy warns that evil Russian hackers have a website where tens of thousands of hacked webcams can be viewed, live. It’s the Great American Smokeout today…time to quit, OK? Erin Myers has the list of the most dangerous toys and a bus that runs on human poop. Jay Campadonia follows up on a woman who deserves the worst mom of the year award. Chris Martin introduces us to three old ladies smoke weed for the first time.¬†And Phil Hulett explains why you should not go to all the effort fighting the Mall crowds to buy presents.