Episode 323 Part 2 Dogs at Work

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[saf] In part 2 of episode 323 of Phil Hulett and Friends, word arrives on what happened to Jiggy Jaguar that has the friends worried for his welfare. Phil shops for a hybrid plug-in car. There’s a new drink called the Sour Toe and somebody stole the secret ingredient. Travel Dude Gary Warner checks in with vacation spots where you …

Episode 287 Part 4 – Tarantula Sex, From Burkini to Naked at Euro Beaches

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[saf] If the scary-looking black fur balls are a rockin’, don’t bother knockin’. It’s tarantula mating season! EEK! Celebs on dating websites. Martha Stewart’s hand-made sex cozy. Michael Phelps’ warm-up song. Travel Guy Gary Warner talks beach attire from burkinis to nudity. This bite-sized chunk of episode 287 is sponsored by Aquasana. Check out this episode!

Episode 287 – There’s No Stopping Zika and Other Delightful Topics

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[saf] After speaking with Dr. Michael Z. Kurtz about the status of Zika Virus in the United States, he asked, “Can we talk about something happy next time?” Listen to this conversation and see if you don’t conclude we are doomed. On a lighter note, stay until the end of this full-length episode to hear Jonathan Tammara from San Bernardo …

Episode 279 Part 3 – Holiday Safety / Ice in Your Pants / Old Man Phelps

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[saf] National Safety Expert, The Honorable Nancy Steorts talks about how NOT to blow your hand clean off on July 4th, and other common sense ways to keep your family safe on the holiday. Plus guest co-host Emily Harlan reveals how celebrities stay icy cool under pressure. Dale Lopes pumps up our expectations for Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 medals, …