Grill Breakfast Lunch Dinner and Dessert Like a Pro

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Grill Like a Pro He’s a grill master. Steven Raichlen, author of the book, “” gives advice on what to throw on the grill during National Barbecue Month.. Are you ready to grill salad? How about dessert? Why not grill a cocktail while you’re at it? Raichlen does it all and teaches you how. Best Beaches for 2018 Next up …

Episode 287 Part 4 – Tarantula Sex, From Burkini to Naked at Euro Beaches

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[saf] If the scary-looking black fur balls are a rockin’, don’t bother knockin’. It’s tarantula mating season! EEK! Celebs on dating websites. Martha Stewart’s hand-made sex cozy. Michael Phelps’ warm-up song. Travel Guy Gary Warner talks beach attire from burkinis to nudity. This bite-sized chunk of episode 287 is sponsored by Aquasana. Check out this episode!

Episode 283 Part 5 – Listen to This Before You Buy a Home Abroad

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[saf] If you fantasize about packing up your life and moving it to a tropical locale somewhere in the work, you need to listen to Real Estate Journalist Nick Foster talk about his book, “The Jolly Roger Social Club.” It is a true story about an American ex-pat on a beautiful beach in Panama who was killing Americans who owned property …

Episode 281 Part 2 – Talking to Kids About Terrorism

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[saf] Tough topic to tackle, but Page Olson, author of the forthcoming book, The Success Manifesto, explains how to talk to kids about events such as the truck attack in Nice, France. Her approach to innovative play for kids can sometimes cut across the grain of a generation of helicopter parents, but in this case, the example she gives are …