Episode 295 Part 5 – Are You Raising a Bully?

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[saf] Award-winning author, Kathleen Aharoni explains how it’s usually the parents fault if their child is a bully. Plus, poor bankers are getting a smaller bonus this year. The bike lock that makes would be thieves vomit. This bite-sized chunk of episode 295 s sponsored by the one of a kind exciting fantasy sports app. Be one of the first to …

Episode 288 Part 2 – ADHD Support Without Drugs, Grease Conspiracy Theory

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[saf] School Counselor Scott Ertl talks about strategies to help kids with ADD/ADHD without drugs, including his invention, “Bouncy Bands.” Plus a conspiracy about Sandy and Danny from the movie “Grease.” Were the two unlikely lovebirds actually dead? This bite-sized chunk of episode 288 is sponsored by Lunar Pages. Check out this episode!

Episode 281 Part 2 – Talking to Kids About Terrorism

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[saf] Tough topic to tackle, but Page Olson, author of the forthcoming book, The Success Manifesto, explains how to talk to kids about events such as the truck attack in Nice, France. Her approach to innovative play for kids can sometimes cut across the grain of a generation of helicopter parents, but in this case, the example she gives are …

Back to School

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[saf] Yup, we learnt a thing or two on today’s episode of Phil Hulett and Friends. Creativity is locked inside us and author,¬†Barnet Bain¬†gives us tips on not only unlocking those juices, but enhancing our intimacy. Apparently it’s OK to let kids play video games, as long as they promise to play a round of Canasta with grandma every now …