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Back to School Time!

Yup, we learnt a thing or two on today’s episode of Phil Hulett and Friends. Creativity is locked inside us and author, Barnet Bain gives us tips on not only unlocking those juices, but enhancing our intimacy. Apparently it’s OK to let kids play video games, as long as they promise to play a round of Canasta with grandma every now and then. So says Neuro-developmental Occupational Therapist, Letha Marchetti. Learn how the hockey community is banding together to fight cancer with a special charity event. Our travel guy, Gary Warner knows the best spots in American to enjoy the autumn leaves. Today’s friends: Brooke PetersonTed Prichard, and Jeff Kowalczyk. Other topics include: Peyton Manning’s fingers are numb. Iron Maiden sings about Robin Williams. Parent sue over “toxic” school Wi-Fi. Lion gets revenge for death of Cecil. Stand-up Comedians revolt against college political correctness. Too much flossing can kill you? The International Space Station gets a liquor delivery. How much did the 1% lose when the stock market corrected? Drone trespassing laws. Ashley Madison offers big money in exchange for the hackers who turned the website’s adulterous world upside down. USC’s coach goes on an apology tour. And finally, the restaurant tip that makes you want to laugh out loud.


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