Leaving a Legacy Through DNA

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DNA family tree expert, Robb Lucy explains how you can pass along the history of your life through DNA.Will you get swabbed?

Wild Fires in Wine Country

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Vintner Susie Selby recounts the chaos and heroism during the deadly wildfires that ripped through California wine country.

Episode 286 Part 2 – Autism Study Blames Circumcision

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[saf] Dr. Janet Lintala looks at a study which suggests circumcision may be a factor in autism. Is Uber a bad business model? You’d watch Robot Olympics, right? Ryan Lochte is officially a fugitive from the Carnival Police. Even though, he’s still raking raking┬áraking in the endorsement deals? Bruce Springsteen is the energizer bunny. This bite-sized chunk of episode 286 …

Episode 285 Part 1 – Super Lice

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[saf] Getting lice is bad enough, but now 48 US states have SUPER LICE! Plus a way to make cows fart less, sure it might save the planet but how much will my steak cost? Science has figured out how to get vegans to eat meat. Ryan Lochte is a douche bag. And finally, what if Google Maps could find …