Leaving a Legacy Through DNA

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DNA Legacy

TV Producer, speaker and author, DNA family tree enthusiast, Robb Lucy [20:05] explains how you can pass along the history of your life through DNA. When Lucy traced his origins he thought about all the lost information about past generations, and he pledged to make sure his life lived on for future generations. Will you get swabbed?

Movie Reviews

Next, Manny the Movie Guy [40:04] reviews Black Panther, Early Man and Samson. Is Black Panther as good as it’s made out to be? And where is Wakanda, anyway?
Katie Elsaesser and Kelly Bennett join Phil Hulett for lots funfotainment. Play along with “Who’s Older?” Crazed baboons escape their enclosure at the Paris Zoo! Speaking of France…Phil wants to know how this Podcast got so ridiculously popular there. Any ideas?

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