SpaceX Falcon Heavy and Beyond

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SpaceX Falcon Heavy

SpaceX Falcon Heavy

SpaceX Falcon Heavy

Space Author and NASA expert, Rod Pyle reviews [10:04] the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch and what it means for the new space race. He also explains what will happen to Elon Musk’s red Tesla Roadster as it hurtles toward the asteroid belt.

How to Interview Prospective Mates

Up next, [29:22] Sarah Brown, PhD and Tedx talker, gives you real good cause to treat your prospective mates as if you were interviewing prospective employees. It sounds a little absurd, until you hear her explain it. See if it makes sense to you.

More Stuff!

Gonzo Greg Spillane co-hosts with Phil Hulett and they round out the hour with these stories: Topless Winter Olympics. The story behind the eternal Olympic flame. Norovirus at the Olympic Village. Move over Tide Pod Challenge, it’s time for the 24-hour Ikea Challenge! Exploding Apple Air Pods! Man drops iPhone 8 down the toilet and you won’t believe what happens next. Required Giorgio Armani school uniforms. . Science takes a big step toward human cloning. The science behind pet names, snookums. Science proves women love sweaty men. And finally, just in time for Valentines Day, a law firm holds a contest for a free divorce.


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